Runway Ready — Kia Von Vega presents Clear Boutique Pre-Fall Collection

Article written by Larry Byrd

Photos by Adam Z Lein

Designer Kia Von Vega presented her Clear Boutique Pre-Fall collection at a huge 15,000 square foot warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on December 10, 2017.

Ms Von Vega shot through each of her looks with a bolt of retro chic color.

From leather pants worn with thigh high boots, to head-to-toe graffiti confections. Ms Von Vega’s color obsession complemented stripes, lace bodysuits, lime green pants with crop tops and flowing silk slips perfectly. The creative fun really went full throttle on looks that combined contrasting patterns and graffiti prints.

With more than 34,000 followers on instagram, Ms Von Vega with her Clear Boutique line, is very popular [].

Kia Von Vega was educated in fashion design by a fortuitous family encounter. “My grandfather was the first black male to turn into production a pair of jeans in the island country of Trinidad. Learning from his innovations, I shaped my knowledge of sewing and fashion with femininity, sensuality, vibrant bold colors that grab the attention of the fashion forward media and the celebrity worlds.”

It’s the female empowerment of the clothes, a different take on it: very strong, very sexy, very feminine.” says Ms Von Vega with a little wink.

The gorgeous models were here in this latest chapter of the controversial evolution at Clear Boutique, they were glittering glam rock stars wearing leather minis, tight thigh high boots and exquisite print cocktail dresses.

Beautiful styling done by Chloe Lynn, Babette Douglas, Deanna Wilklow, Monty Bee, Taylor Vincenti, Jen Elyse Feldman, Haley Conroy and Lauren Moscato.

Visit Clear Boutique at to see her latest fashion show preceded by several inspirational fashion vignetted videos that highlight her esoteric fashion line.



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